Delicate soul perpetration

To create the recent pictures of the ‘flower hair’ I needed to prepare my model.

I began by covering the models hair with a thick swimming cap, then used a glue gun to attach flowers and foliage to the front half of the cap (the back half would not be seen as the photos would only involve the face).

I used a variety of leaves and a few flowers. I would thicken it later.

I then began on the makeup, removing all existing and adding forget me not flowers to the eyebrows and grass to the eyelashes with eyelash glue. I also added gold glitter to the eyelids, lips and cheeks to create a mystical and summery look.

Lastly, I added the final touches to the ‘hair’. My favourite part is definitely the eyebrows, I am sad I didn’t get any good photos of them, I might try just the eyebrows again at some point. I could think about using a variety of flowers to emphasise the idea of different flowers for different personalities.


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