Hare freebies

As you saw on my post about meret oppenheim, I want to create a piece using real hare skin. This is my second final piece for the time project and goes with my clay hare works that are currently unfinished.
Fortunately I managed to get some hare body parts (coat, feet and head) from the butchers for free!
In my meret oppenheim post I drew a picture to show how I wanted the piece to look:

I was excited to start this piece, but when I got the hare out of the freezer I realised this wouldn’t be possible. The head was very small, smaller than the palm of my hand!! There was no way I could incorporate a human face and make it look good.
I thought I better change my mind. I decided to go ahead with the cutlery that I had planned and tan the pelt to use as a means to present the cutlery.

To prep the skin the butcher had given me I gave it a good wash with soap, it was very very dirty! I then thoroughly dried the fur, using a hair dryer and finally painted tanning solution onto the skin side of the pelt, leaving this to dry for a day. When this was done I lastly rubbed borax powder into the skin to absorb the last of the moisture. This photo shows the pelt all finished!

To prep the hare feet I needed to skin them which was pretty fiddly, but I slowly got the hang of it. I started off taking over an hour per foot but by the end I had got it down to about 20 minutes. These then needed to be washed, dried and tanned before I look at them again tomorrow! Successful day!


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