Bunny army update

I have begun making my new bunny army out of air drying clay. I started out making them almost exactly the same as before…

But then I realised this was a opportunity, a chance to make something better. I suddenly realised that these cute little bunnies were noting like what I wanted. The idea is that the humans turn into the hunted, the discriminated, this means they can be cute! They need to be hideous and disgusting, so when people see it they think I never want to turn into that!
So I started remodelling the ‘bunny’ more to my liking. I began basing the idea off a hare, with long bony limbs.

Only I wanted it to be hunched, cowering and have a resemblance to gollum.
Eventually after hours of playing with the clay I came up with this.




He has certainly come a long way and it’s not finished yet, but I’m so much happier with the shape, I feel like it fits the concept a lot better. There will be at least 7 more of these I’m hoping, in a variety of positions. They will be smoothed down and painted with glossy white paint when they’re finished, and finally some latex will be poured over their faces. Voila!


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