The blue rat

As my rats are for my ‘subversive’ project, at least one of them has got to stand out a bit.

And so this guy was born.

The reason I chose the topic 'subversive' is because I feel that it is such an important one. Especially in a city where everyone and everything can sometimes feel the same you need things to jump out at you that are different, that say hey isn't life great! It can often be something that is frowned upon and can distance you from other people, but most the time it's turned out amazing. New things only come into our lives, our culture and our society because someone thought differently, they went against the grain and said I'm going to do this and it turned out great! I'm so positive for living in the most exciting and accepting society we can make because new thing will come round so much quicker!


I don’t know If this rat is meant to represent me, we certainly have the same hair colour, but I don’t think of my self as a particularly subversive person. maybe this rat will help me in the long path of social freedom. Maybe it will help all of us! I have achieved my goal if even just one person sees this sculpture in a gallery, on my blog, heck on Facebook and thinks I want to be the blue rat.

The blue rat represents everything good in society, creativity, courage and acceptance. Lets be the blue rat.



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