Minority groups

A minority group is described as a social category that is lesser and often discriminated against. They hold few positions of power and have small word in our community.

The fox represents these people, through evolving hands he has broken the discrimination, become a leading member in society and threat. He once was hunted for being vermin and for pleasure, but now hunts those who hunted him. Does he want pay back, or simply peace? He represents the black people who broke free centuries ago and now the gays who are still fighting, ‘evolving’ for their rights. The fox is a powerful figure, who with human hands is dexterous and doubly cunning. He will make his hunters pay.

The rabbits represent the hunters, they were once strong and lethal, until the ‘fox’ evolved and left them vulnerable, his prey. Now they have become the target of discrimination, the outcasts, the misunderstood, the hunted.

What would you do if you were the fox?


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