Meeting some problems

Today is the last day of uni, before we break up for the holidays and I haven’t quite got as much done as I would have liked. I wanted to have my rabbits cast by the end of term, leaving me enough time to decorate and finish them off. As I haven’t done this in time, I have made the hard decision to abandon the mold making and look for another way to make lots of rabbits. It’s a shame not to finish the molds, as it has taken me a month of pretty hard work to get here, but waiting for next term just won’t give me enough time.

As it was time to open the moulds I thought I might as well as I needed to get the rabbits out!



First mould opened up and a free bunny! (Although it lost an ear in the process)



Second bunnies out and has lost a few limbs too!

The last one was very quick and easy as it was the smallest!

I’ve left the molds in the exact condition they were in when I opened them, meaning that if I did choose to use them I could still have a go!

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