Making the vinamold

I’ve begun the vinamold process and will take you through the steps I’ve done so far… I began the other rabbits mid process, so some of the photos may be them!

Step one, place the rabbit on its front, it needs padding so it doesn’t crack and break with the later weight. It needs a flat surface to be aligned with is base (I couldn’t find anything in this photo, so I used an old canvas). You will then build clay up to the half way point of the rabbit.

Step two, the clay need to be placed all around the rabbits half way point, creating a flat, surface about an two inches thick. This added surface will need to be reinforced using more clay or polystyrene. Cling film or a bag needs to be placed to the rabbit that is still seen in order for it to be kept clean in the next step.


Step 3, place clay carefully on top of the bag, about an inch thick. This need to be continuously thick as this will be where the vinamold is later. Clay funnels must also be placed at the highest and lowest points on the clay, reaching the same height.

Step 4, a wall then need to be created, as plaster will be poured on top of the mould so far, the wall will prevent the plaster from spilling. Small wedges need to be placed around the body of the mould to help it be released later.

(This photo jumps forward a few steps)
Step 5, plaster then needs to be layered ontop of the clay, material mesh can also be added to strengthen the plaster.
This photo also shows the other side done. The clay build on this side is almost exactly the same, minus the first/second step clay wall, as you will use the plaster wall from the other side. Before you add the plaster you must ensure there is a soap layer between the walls, ensuring you will be able to pull them apart at a later date. Once the clay has been added as in the steps before and the soap added to the plaster you can build the plaster up exactly as before.

Step 6, to do the last side, again cover the rabbit showing in a plastic bag, cover with an inch of clay and build a wall to hold in the plaster. Again add the wedges, and soap the plaster layer before adding the layers of plaster.

This is as far as I have currently gotten. The next step will involve taking the mould apart and removing the clay which will be replaced with vinamold through the funnels.


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