sculpture seminar week 2

For our second week of the seminar project we were asked to find a place that we would study and make our own. This place needed to be in the city, some where we could visit as much as possible. Once we chose a place we needed to take photos from a variety of angles, record sounds heard and collect anything in the area. We would then create sculptures in our next seminar that reflected our place.

These are some pictures from the surrounding area of my chosen place (under the bridge)…


I’m guessing these guys were cleaning up the water a little! It doesn’t actually look that deep!Image

this is some greenery that caught my eye around the area. I liked how they grew around the stone as if nature was slowly taking the area back.


Here is the area i chose (directly under the bridge). As you can see there is a small crevice which might be perfect for some instillation art!


I love how you can see the beautiful park through the dark, dingy tunnel under the bridge.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


i will revisit this place as much as possible to take more specific photos!!



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