My first shot at taxidermy

so this ACTUALLY happened guys!

This is little Timothy who yours truly successfully stuffed today! He is going to be one of few for my personal field final piece (hopefully the rest will turn out just as good!).

I bought him from pets at home under the facade that we had a pet snake. Sneaky.


Even though I’ve been wanting to do this for ages, I did put it off a bit. I’m not the greatest with blood and guts but after the first few cuts I got into the swing of it and kind of forgot I was skinning a once cute little rat. There was actually very minimal gore as the skinning process is pretty clean, especially on a small animal!

I did take about 8 hours to do in all! But this was only my first shot, hopefully I’ll get quicker and quicker! I would definitely recommend it to anyone thinking of having a go, I bought a mouse taxidermy kit online and that pretty much got me through the most of it, that and a few YouTube videos!


I will Make a more detailed post on each process and the difficult bits as, well as a clearer view on my final piece soon!


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