thoughts for my essay

So ive begun thinking about my essay and what i want it to be about. I asked myself, which of the 6 sessions were my favorite in order to narrow it down. After changing my mind and ideas many times i finally came to some sort of conclusion.

favorite number one…

session 3 (making strange)

This session really hit home to me, because i feel, this is what i (attempt) to do in my own work.

I’m interested in the idea of changing peoples points of view, using common day things. Although in my essay, i would like to look into the possibility of this going too far, the viewer becoming nonchalant to new modern art, because they’ve seen it before.

I watched a channel 4 documentary called ‘bad art for bad people’ which is very relevant to my idea. This addressed ideas of why art is shocking, why we like it and what is next for shock art. In the show, a man spoke of horror films and said “When they don’t any longer see difference between the horror and their world, it is because the horror of their world has increased, or because the boundaries between the imaginary and the real have broken down through art”.

session 2 (constructivist perception)

Okay so originally this wasn’t my favorite buuut, i feel like it works well with my first choice. i could look at how ‘shocking’ art activates and works with the viewer and whether this role has changed at all resulting in art that the viewers find less shocking. the artist must also find the most sensitive subjects to the viewer and manipulate them to cause shock.

Work i may look at….

Damien Hirst


A Thousand years

Damien Hirst created this mini life cycle in art galleries with only glass separating it from the public. This bought up ideas of life and death as well as being presented with a gorey cows head.


Mother and Child

This work displays a ‘mother and child’, chopped in half. The work has strong religious links and is upsetting on a very human level.

Marina Abramovic


The artist is present

Marina stares down the ‘visitors’ who sit opposite her for as long as they desire. This brings out emotions in the visitors, the spectators and Marina.


Rhythm 10

Marina recorded herself playing the ‘russian knife game’ with 20 knives, picking up a new knife every time she cut herself. she then replayed the tapes and tried to mimic them with new knives. This will to harm herself in the name of art is shocking.

Polly morgan

Polly creates beautiful taxidermy pieces that are elegant and unworldly but use animal carcasses


Dinos Chapman

Dinos meddles with sexuality to create uncomfortable sculptures, leaving us unsure if we should laugh.


Marcus Harvey

Marcus created this painting of the notorious killer Myra Hindley creating children’s hands to form the mugshot. The piece was shown in galleries and had ink thrown over after only 7 hours exhibiting.

This is just a little starter for my essay, im pretty sure this is the way its going to go and i/m excited about it!!


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