Group field project – week three

We have to present our ideas next week and therefore need to create a fairly solid plan of what we want to achieve. As Andrew is a product designer (and finds it difficult to think of an outcome without a function) we have decided to mostly roll with his idea of of greener bikes for the future. At the moment we are imagining a futuristic world in which there has been an apocalyptic scenario, changing the world we live in. It means that there are few energy sources and we need to find new ways of running our world. Bikes are designed to source energy in an easy and clean way, through kinetic energy.

Currently we are unsure if this is a positive idea (the people think this is a good way to create energy and ensure the human race keeps fit) or negative (the government is enslaving the population and forcing them to create kinetic energy for them). Obviously this is a decision we need to make, as it will greatly influence the angle we go at.

Our group is fairly indecisive and it’s definitely getting to a point where we need to make these decisions. As Andrew would like the final piece to have a fairly functional outcome and we now have the help of Charlotte, we were thinking a long the lines of protest posters, a game, a comic or a story. I think that this is a very important decision, as each will drastically mould our research collecting. We will try and make a decision soon in order to use our time wisely.


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