Group field project – week one

So we’ve been put into groups for the field project based on our choice of category (shown in my Petra kutra). I chose power and technology, meaning that all people in our main group also chose this and may have similar ideas and interests. From this large group (around 30 people) we were narrowed down again into much smaller groups based on the subject we chose within power and technology, I chose subversion.

My group initially consisted of me (a fine artist, Jamie a illustration, Emily another fine artist and Andrew a product designer.

For our project we needed to create (or simply design and propose to create) something within the group using collaboration between our disciplines.

We began be discussing our interests and sharing pictures of previous work so we could all begin to understand each other better and get a feel for where the project may go. We had been asked to answer question about ourselves such as ‘what do we bring to the group?’, ‘what problems might arise?’ And ‘why did you choose power and technology/subversion?’. These questions also bought our group closer as we learned each others weaknesses, such as fears of talking In front of large groups, difficulties getting up in the morning ect. This would prepare us for what might come and bring us closer.

Next week we will begin to think about the possibilities of this project and start brainstorming potential outcomes.


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