Group field project- week four

We presented our idea to the rest of the power and technology group today, this arose a lot of problems with our idea.

Firstly we didn’t really have any sort of strong idea. We were all so worried about telling each other that we didn’t want to do certain things that we had ended up with a very unsure plan of action. If was clear that we were not all excited and enthused in our idea, making it a difficult presentation.

Secondly, we did need to choose a piece to concentrate our work on, rather that just the big story. This means choosing from a game, comic, etc. this is the top of our priorities and will be addressed next week.

We also needed to work on collaborating our skills to create a final piece. Me and Emily could do some clay work with the group, whilst Charlotte could show us graphic techniques and so on. It is important to ensure everyone has a say and every opportunity is explored.

Overall our presentation didn’t sum up to others in the group, we weren’t well organised, we lacked passion and our presentation contained no pictures, making it very dull! This experience has taught us a lot though, the most important being to talk up when you have an idea or a problem, as we were holding back, in order to not hurt each others feelings. We now have more presentation skills as well, meaning our final one will be great!


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