Week 2 constellation – expressing the unseen: embodiment, form and art and design


‘potential images – images that become actual during the art of contemplation

Perception is always indirect, the perception of the everyday line has opportunity. In art there is collaboration between artist, work and beholder. When the beholder views a piece of work they will always refer to their memory meaning that the artist can use this to their advantage.

For example, even though this image is made up of furniture we instantly recognise it as a face because of our memory.

prior experience and expectation
When we are asked to depict something we have never seen before we will use available resources (images, stories, etc.) to make something we believe to be right.

missing context and features
We will fill in the gaps of images, for example bodies without features will appear with expression.

conditions of ambiguity that reveal the beholders share
– absent features
– economy of line
– presentation of one form or another
-the use of white screen

For example, this image displays ‘presentation of one form or another’.


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