Butterfly photograms

Remember the butterflies I set a fair while ago? Well they’re back!

This is how they all looked after they had been set and these are some of my favourites…



I’m so happy with how most of them have turned out (some had Tears and breaks in their wings, sometimes even missing parts). This is clearly something that needs some practice! Maybe I can prepare myself for catching some butterfly’s this summer!

But back to what I did with these fellas!! The original reason I bought them was to create photograms. I had never done this process before and had in my mind that butterfly’s would work perfectly, I would say that I was pretty spot on!

This is all the 11 butterfly’s looking beautiful with light glowing through their wings. This was so much fun and so quick and easy you will definitely be seeing more!

As for the butterfly’s now, I realised how well they would fit into my personal field project so they will be saved for a later date! I would like to dabble with a bit of framing and resin casting though, the possibilities are endless!


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