Antony Gormley and his army


Antony Gormley had these little people sculptures made in Mexico by 60 brick makers. Each sculpture has been individually crafted with consciousness and affection as something we recognise as the human form. Each form is completely individual, with a different height, width and ‘eye’ placement.


There are approximately 35,000 of these little guys, giving a huuuuge impact on the viewer. To me this instillation really speaks of social interaction and how everyone is single and unique at a closer look.

Also how they were made interests me, how Antony Gormley a very successful artist had 60 people build his work for him, is a great way of demonstrating the social hierarchy (if i wanted to do this now, there’s no way I could pay 60 people to do it for me). So whilst the work speaks of a world united and how we all consist of the same stuff (links with the clay and earth) Anthony Gormley pays smaller people to do his work for him. It add a little irony to this piece.

But let’s wrap this all up with this amazing photo which shows how teeny the clay forms actually are!



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