Bunny army

So I’m starting to think about the final piece for my subject project. Despite thinking about 5 different categories for my ‘they will evolve’ series I’m actually having a lot of fun with foxy hands! I’ve been doing a lot of work with him (that I will post at some point) and can’t really see me making any more characters apart from rabbity face!

So for my final piece I’m thinking of surrounding foxy face (made out of fingers crossed bronze) with an army of rabbity faces! I’ve begun the making process of my bunny army and here’s how they’re looking so far!


I’m thinking of making at least three more, then creating a mould with each, finally making a huge army of plaster bunnies!!! I haven’t begun on foxy hands yet as this will be a huge part that needs lots of consideration!!

Ill post each bunny in more detail when they’re all finished!


4 thoughts on “Bunny army

      1. They are so perfect.
        I make plant based ceramic pieces. I’ve always had an image of what would live in my ceramic plant environment… You just blew my mental images away.

      2. Wow that sounds really interesting and lovely, ill have to have a look at some of your work! c:

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