Little foxy hands

I have begun a little project called ‘they will evolve’. My idea is to create a series of painting/sculptures that show the smaller men getting the upper hand. The series will speak from many minority groups such as female rape victims. I would like the series to speak to people in a large variety of ways and making a difference.

I have begun the series with ‘the fox with hands’. This will show a minority animal, the fox who is hunted as vermin, taking the upper hand on its killers by evolving hands. I have made a few preliminary sketches of foxy hands…



I’ve had a lot of fun drawing this guy and will probably create a lot more just for the fun of it!
I have just begun painting a similar image, so I’m excited to see how it turns out (I hope you are too!).



When I have completed my fox with hands study I will make a final painting for him, at the moment I’m hoping this will be very big! Watch this space!!


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