A few weeks ago a got a pigs head from the butchers. At the time I was unsure what I wanted to do with it and it became unusable before I thought of anything.

Now I have decided. Similar to the orange I am tracking the decay of I want to paint onto the skin of the pig (preferable a pretty painting to contrast with the decapitated head) and then leave it to rot. As the skin decays, I will watch how the paint reacts. I have a large glass tank that will be perfect for this, I just need to find a good spot! The area needs to be outside, as it will smell very bad also flies will be attracted to the meat. The place also needs to be warm so that the process will be quick (maybe I can get a small heater to put behind the tank?). Once the flies lay their eggs, maggots with hatch and the decay process will become very apparent!

I need to ensure that I have a design for the painting and a suitable place for the tank before I buy another head but hopefully I will get if done in the next two weeks!!!


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