Straightening out some butterflies

I have started out my taxidermy dream very small. With butterflies. I wanted to try setting them and possibly framing/using them in art work.

I began by purchasing some butterflies on eBay. When they came they were dried and their wings were closed. This meant that I needed to put them on a ‘relaxing tub’ for a few days. This is simply a sealed container that has a small amount of moisture and detergent in, meaning that the butterflies loosen, making their wings movable!


Once the butterflies were relaxed I needed to pin them onto the setting mould to dry out again for up to 4 weeks. To do this I bought some setting moulds and used pins and newspaper to hold the wings down, being careful of where I put the pins!! There were 12 butterflies in all.



They’re now all finished and ready to be turned into art!!


I loved this process and will definitely try it again!!


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