So I’ve been gone for a while

So I’ve not been blogging for a little while but I really want to get back into the swing of it. I’m going to try a strict regime of blogging everyday, keeping up to date with what give done that day, what artists I’ve discovered/ found interesting and general life!

I did warn you all that I’m not good at this diary sort of thing (with time always running out and that) but I’m really going to try and give it a good go!

In the last month I’ve been really busy! I’ve Been to Venice as a uni trip!


But that’s a huge amount of stuff to tell you and will need to be a whole different post! I’ve spent a lot of time trying out new workshops and learning things I’ve never heard of/ never had a chance at before! I think the biggest thing taking up my time currently is getting to know all these new people and learning to live on my own! It’s really a lot harder than I thought it would be, the amount of time I spend procrastinating cleaning or buying food or worrying about money is mad!! Well, that’s my excuse really but ill make a few posts of the vital things you’ve missed and then (attempt) to carry on daily from there!!


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