We had our first life drawing class last friday, WHOOOOO! We had two and a half hours to do some drawing tasks, some which id done before and some that i hadn’t, which was wonderful!

The exercise i hadn’t done before was based on the works by Leon Kossoff and Frank Auerbach.

Head circa 1957 by Leon Kossoff born 1926

Leon Kossoff

Head of E.O.W. I 1960 by Frank Auerbach born 1931

Frank Auerbach

Both artists use layering in their work, both in their drawing and painting. We looked at the idea of layering in drawing (with charcoal). we would watch and draw the model for three minutes (trying to get the whole form in), then once the three minutes was up we would rub away the drawing. This left a ghost outline of the drawing. We repeated this a number of times going over the image, improving it, adding more detail and then rubbing it out. Finally we had a ten minute session where we added final details then did not rub the image out. These are the stages…


life drawing 1



life drawing 2



life drawing 3



life drawing 4



life drawing 5



life drawing 6



life drawing 7


final drawing…

life drawing finished


Im chuffed with how the drawing turned out as im usually rubbish at charcoal, so ill be trying it again! It a wonderful exercise that you can do with anything. It eliminates the worry of creating a perfect image, causing you to relax and create something unexpected! An afternoon well spent!

Farewell for today all.



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