For my tutor check in tomorrow we need to take two images of artwork that inspire us in our time project. One of the images i have chosen instantly hit me when we were told about our task, ‘A Thousand Years’ by Damien Hirst.


If you are unfamiliar with this piece, it is a large glass box that contains a room where flies are born, with holes in the walls leading to a room where the is a cows head and a fly killer. This piece depicts the circle of life with new flies hatching, growing, feeding and dying. Some flies are killed by the fly killer and some die of natural causes. The piece shows the fragility of life and the passing of time. The cows head also slowing decays through out the time the exhibition is on, also displaying the effects of time. This is one of my personal favorites that i find very inspiring.

The second piece is something that i glanced on my feed while i was scrolling through Tumblr. For some reason the words have stayed with me and i struggled to find the piece again as i dint know the artist or title. But finally i found it again! It is an extract from the book ‘The Time Keeper’ by Mitch Albom.


This strikes me, as it is beautiful, yet sad. It explains what i find difficult to, that man has somewhat in a sense invented time. It gives me a feeling of completeness that i can finally put into words (someone elses words) what i feel.

I hope these pieces have interested and inspired you, friend.


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