‘Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.’

so here we are, the beginning. Hells, beginnings are always the worst.

So this blog is my attempt to document my uni years (mostly my work and thoughts) but potentially me as well. I would try to describe myself but goodness me isn’t that just the hardest thing you can ask of someone? so i don’t know, have some photos of me instead.Image Image

ill give you the basics, i live/lived in a small village called Saltford. Its kinda directly in between Bath and Bristol, which is a great place to live and i definitely recommend visiting! i am currently living in Cardiff, studying at Cardiff met, on the fine art course. i find it hard to explain my work (which you will find out) but ill show my interests and pieces I’ve already done through some photos (that seems the best/less confuddling way to help you understand me) at some point. I’m dubious as to how often/how long for i will be blogging as its something i find hard to make time for but i guess all i can do is to give it a go!

Oh and i haven’t explained the title… basically our project brief this year is ‘time’, which is fabulous, nice and broad! So up there you have a lovely Douglas Adams quote from ‘Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy’. Seeing as the brief is ‘Time’ there will probably be many more to come, don’t you worry your little cotton socks!


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